Opening hours Monday to Friday

9:00 –1:00 pm and 2:00 – 6:00 pm

Terms and conditions

  1. The services provided by a veterinarian are deemed as a service contract according to the BGB, meaning that a service is owed and not a success.
  2. Our entire staff provides their services according to the best of their knowledge and beliefs as well as according to current veterinary findings. A success in the sense of healing can not by its very nature be promised in individual cases.
  3. The Federal Veterinary Medical Practitioners Act defines the obligation that a veterinarian must continually further his education while exercising his profession. We regularly attend such continued education programs. Ms. Kai Wilms and other staff members of our practice conduct e.g. furthering education programs which are accredited by the ATF. We diligently document our continued education.
  4. Certain treatments involve a health-damaging or even life-threatening risks, which cannot be fully eliminated even despite the utmost caution. In particular, this comprises unknown side effects of medications, allergic or anaphylactic („incompatible“) reactions, implant rejections and anesthesia. Operation wounds inherently bear the risk of wound healing disorders. Animals may not lick the operation wounds. If necessary, they must wear a pet cone or a protective suit. We generally inform you of these risks. You will be asked to provide your signature once you have been informed, so as to confirm your awareness of the risks. Please understand that we cannot assume any liability for such damaging events! For all treatments, we implement routine procedures, which are based on the current state of veterinary knowledge and by which we can greatly reduce the risks. We will gladly inform you extensively in regard to the routine procedures.
  5. Particularly in the case of an initial consultation with our practice, we expect an immediate payment in cash, per EC-card or per bank debit.
  6. The veterinary practice Tierarztpraxis am Gotenring is managed through a booking system. Booked appointments are reserved exclusively for you, to provide you and your pet with the best possible consultation and treatment and to avoid the often customary waiting times.
    Booked appointments, which are scheduled for the duration of over 1 hour and which you cannot attend, must be cancelled 48 hours in advance, so that we can plan the allocated time otherwise. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of € 200.00 plus VAT if you fail to cancel or cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment, unless you are not at fault for missing the appointment. If an agreed upon appointment is not kept or cancelled in a timely manner, the client is in default of acceptance.
  7. Legal transactions are only conducted with persons of the age of consent.
  8. Legal transactions with third parties, which are not owners of the presented animal, are only conducted with the personal knowledge of the owner or with written consent of the owner. In certain situations, if this consent is not obtained, e.g. in life-threatening emergencies when the owner cannot be reached in time, the client becomes liable as a private debtor for the settlement of the invoice amount.
  9. The compensation of the services is calculated according to the applicable version of the German Regulation of Charges for Veterinarians and according to the German Drug Price Regulation. These legislative texts are available in our practice and can be researched online for free. Our staff will be happy to breakdown and document the rendered services for you.
  10. We are always willing to explain the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy to you without the use of too many medical jargons. If you still have comprehension questions: please ask us.